Deacon Barker Takes the Oath of Fidelity

deacon barker oath

This morning, before the Blessing and Dismissal from Holy Mass, Deacon Dillon Barker took one of the final steps in his preparation for ordination to the priesthood: the Oath of Fidelity.  Since the beginning of the Church, those who receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders have been required to adhere closely to the authentic Catholic Faith. After the confusion of the Reformation era, the need for specific definitions of the Faith grew, and various formulae were drawn up for clergy to observe. More recently, in the late nineteenth century, Pope St. Pius X required all clergy to take an oath publicly renouncing certain errors and affirming the truth of the Catholic Faith.  After the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, when Pope St. John Paul II revised the Code of Canon Law, a new oath was published in line with the beautiful vision of the splendor of the truth which the Council Fathers decreed and which St. John Paul so wonderfully explained. This version of the oath was slightly modified in 1998 to address some concerns which arose in the early 1990s, and this is the version Deacon Barker took this morning.   Please join the school community and pray for Deacon Barker.