1st Grade

1st Grade News

Week of May 15-19

  • Spelling test on Friday.
  • Friday, May 19 – bring an unusual item – I’ll send a bag home next week with the instructions.
  • Practice the sight words and sight word phrases in the BEE book. When your child has mastered that list, they will get a new list.
  • Due to the food allergies in our class, the students MAY NOT share food. Please discuss this with your child. Thanks!
  • We will bring ‘dot’ books home Monday-Thursday nights.


  • review


  • contractions


  • infer
  • retell the story
  • sequence


Science/ Social Studies

* Titanic

* ocean animals



you’re         we’re             they’re

I’ve              you’ve          could’ve

I’ll               we’ll              they’ll

Challenge words:    

because    friend     want     were    when     why      where   who    what    out    over     from    pretty   boy     girl     very     they    has    us      saw    did     are     of      look   went     me      he        said     my     is         you      get      was     like     with     I         the     have     she      for      am