After School Care

After School Care is available each school day. When school is closed, there will be no after-care available. Decisions on snow days will be made each time.

  • Choice of full time or part time care
  • Daily afternoon snacks with milk or juice (if we are open on snow days, bring a lunch)
  • Opportunities for homework and study time
  • Games, activities, movies, and outside play (weather permitting)

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December 1, 2016

We are pleased to introduce a new aftercare system for St Edward School. This automated system should prove to be more flexible and efficient than our current manual system and can be accessed through the parent portal.  We are currently running both automated and manual systems as part of the transition but will move solely to the automated system beginning January 2017. You probably have recently noticed the new system when you checked your children out, as we are using IPad’s with electronic signatures.  Please review your child’s authorized pick-up list in the parent portal upon receipt of this letter and make changes if necessary.   We will only be able to release your child to the authorized individuals listed in the parent portal.

As part of the new system, there will be a weekly flat fee for full time students in aftercare. The rates have been adjusted for full time aftercare students to reflect all days that the program is closed.  For example:  1 child normally charged $60 per week with school closed for one day during this week would be $48.  We will now be billing a flat fee for $51 (rather than $60) whether school is in session or not (summer not included).  The new fee of $51 each week is net adjusted for the days off (holidays, spring break, Easter, snow days (4), in-service, etc.).  There will be no rate change for part time students in aftercare.

This is similar to our current tuition structure as it is a flat fee. The total charge for the second semester is $51 X 21 weeks or $1,071 and will be billed and drafted thru the FACTS system on a monthly basis. This flat fee should be a much easier system for your budgeting purposes.

The rates are as follows (summer care not included):

Fulltime – New Rates (Flat fee)

  • (1) Child                 $51/week
  • (2) Children           $72/week
  • (3) Children           $101/week

Part-time – No Change in rates

  • (1)Child                  $14/Day
  • (2) Children           $20/Day
  • (3) Children           $25/Day

If you have any questions about the new aftercare system or the full time flat fee, please email or call:  or


Andy Royer, Business Manager


After School Care Policies


Our philosophy is to encourage students to grow spiritually, morally, and physically in a value centered environment.  Each child will have the opportunity to develop social and problem solving skills.  The staff, in partnership with parents, will strive to challenge each student to reach his or her emotional, social, and physical potential.  We will strive to understand the needs and abilities of each person.


The program is designed for St. Edward School students. Enrollment in St. Edward School does not mean the child is automatically accepted in the After-school Program.  All children must be completely toilet trained. In case of a bathroom accident, each child must be able to clean and change themselves.


Weekly fees are to be paid once a month through the FACTS automatic deduction plan.  Fees will be deducted each month following the month in use.  If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Business Office..


The After-school Program hours of operation are:  school days 3:00 to 6:00 or dismissal to 6:00p.m.  We are open for Summer Care from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m .  The After-school Program is an extension of the school day, therefore, open only when school is in session.  There will be no daycare available when school is closed.  Decisions on snow days will be made by the administration each time.  Should July 4th fall on a week-end, another day may be substituted.

Arrival and Pick-up

Children can only be cared for during the above stated hours.  The parent will not violate the hours of care agreed upon.  Regardless of the reason, when a parent is late (after 6:00pm) picking up their child, the parent will be charged $3.00 per minute late fee.  If closing time should change due to weather conditions, the late fee will still apply.  It is your responsibility to pay the closing staff member at that time.  Persistent lateness in picking up your child can result in the child being withdrawn from the Program.  The Program will not release your child to anyone other than the parent or guardian unless specified in writing from the parent.  You must notify the director anytime a new person will be picking up your child.  Please have all persons identify themselves when they come in until the staff has had a chance to recognize faces.  Each child must be signed out each day by the adult picking them up.  During Summer Care, an adult must bring the child in and sign them in.


No verbal messages should be sent by a child.  Please contact us by phone or written note when messages need to be relayed.  Communication between parents and staff is most important.  You may reach us by phone at the school number 833-5770 or by the After-school cell number 708-0013


If a child has a temperature higher than normal, they will not be admitted until they have been fever free for 24 hours.  A child known to have contracted a contagious disease such as impetigo, pink eye, strep, chicken pox, or any other contagious disease must have a physician’s statement that the child is no longer a threat to the other children before the child will be permitted to return.  If a child becomes ill at the Program, they will be isolated and the parent will be called to pick up the child.  Sick children cannot be cared for. No medication will be given unless it is a life- saving medication.  The parent will be notified of any exposure to a contagious disease.


Each parent is responsible for keeping current the emergency information listed on the child’s information sheet including information on allergies, epileptics, minimal brain dysfunction, or asthma. It is imperative that the staff be aware of conditions such as these for the safety of the child.  In case of an emergency and none of the persons listed on the information sheet can be reached, we will have permission to initiate emergency treatment for your child.  Your child will be taken to Vanderbilt  Hospital at your expense. In any emergency, the Program has permission to take such reasonable measures as are in judgment of the staff, necessary to the welfare and safety of the child.

Outdoor Play

The children will have an opportunity to play outside every day except in extreme weather.  This includes winter days. Please dress your child appropriately.  Extreme weather temperatures are over 95 degrees or under 32 degrees including the “feels like” temperature.


Liability for acts of the child while they are under the care of the Program is the parent’s responsibility.  The Program will exercise reasonable care and judgment in all matters related to the welfare and safety of the child.  The Program is not liable for accidents or illness occurring to the child while they are in its’ care.


All children must register at the beginning of each school year and at the beginning of each summer. In order to register for each new school year, there must be no outstanding debts owed to the school or the After-school Program.


Positive methods of discipline will be used to encourage acceptable behavior.  When a child’s behavior is causing a problem, the staff will discuss alternate activities with the child, and if necessary, remove the child from his play for a “time out”.  If problems persist, the parent would be contacted for a conference.  A last resort would be to request that the child be removed from the Program.  Corporal punishment is not administered.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for the St. Edward School Bullying Procedures.

Parent’s Responsibility

Never pick up your child without the knowledge of one of the staff.  Timely fee payment; prompt pick-up; providing correct information and update; belongings labeled; appropriate dress; informing Program of contagious disease; – these and any other within the realm of the parent’s responsibility

Program’s Responsibility

In return for the sum which the parent agrees to pay, the Program will give regular care to the child during the hours agreed upon each day except Saturday, Sunday and the listed holidays.  The Program will notify the parent of any exposure to a contagious disease.  The Program will exercise reasonable care and judgment in all matters related to the welfare and safety of the child.  The Program will treat your child as a person worthy of the dignity and respect God bestowed upon him/her in creating them.  The Program is state approved.  The Program reserves the right to amend the policy for just cause.  Parents will be promptly notified in writing if any changes are made.

Please contact the Daycare director with any questions.

Ms Peggy Curran
Telephone: 615.833.5770
After-school cell number: 615.708.0013