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Kelly Wolfe

Director of Admissions, Enrollment, and Grant Management


My name is Kelly Wolfe. I have been teaching Pre-K-aged children since 2011 after taking time off to stay at home with my children. I have served as the PREK director for over four years.  As PREK director, I am responsible for maintaining licensure for Tennessee, ensuring the program met all state guidelines, and overseeing admissions, tours, and enrollment for PREK. This year I accepted a new position as the director of admissions, enrollment, and grant management in addition to my role as PREK director.

I am very excited to grow our school and show the Nashville community how wonderful St. Edward School is. Although this means stepping away from the classroom, I am grateful to still be a part of the St. Edward community. As the director of admissions, I will be preparing open houses, expanding visitation programs, assisting with tuition assistance, communicating with newly enrolled families, and serving as the primary contact for federal and state grants, including the state’s ESA program.


I grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Nashville in 2000, after my husband, an alumnus of St. Edward School, and I married.  I attended Penn State University and continue to visit Pennsylvania often.  We have two children; Mason is 18 and Bailey is 14.

When I am not teaching or watching my own children in all their activities, I enjoy watching sports of all kinds.  My favorite though is cheering on the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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