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Thank you for your interest in St. Edward School. As a parent, you always want what’s best for your child. By choosing to send your child to a Catholic school, you are providing them with a unique opportunity to grow in their faith while being challenged academically. At St. Edward School, we strive to live up to our school motto, “Be your best and do what is right in the image of Christ.”

Since 1952 St. Edward School has been one of the leaders in Catholic education in the Nashville area. St. Edward welcomes students from all faiths and sets the example in student diversity. 

During the admission process families will be able to explore St. Edward School through a School Tour, Open House, Student Shadow Day or a meeting with school administrators. During their visit, parents will meet the teachers, see a variety of classrooms in action and learn about the amenities of the school campus.​​

Admission & Enrollment Policy

The order of acceptance for admission at St. Edward School is as follows:

  1. Students presently enrolled in St. Edward School provided the re-enrollment deadline is met

  2. Siblings of students presently enrolled in SES or siblings of graduates of SES

  3. Children of faculty members of SES

  4. Parishioners of St. Edward Church

  5. Subsidized parishioners of other Catholic Churches

  6. Other Catholics

  7. Non-Catholics.


St. Edward School does not discriminate against applicants based on race, color, or national origin. St. Edward School accepts siblings on the condition that academic and conduct standards are compatible with the school philosophy and curriculum.

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Contract Responsibility

Parents are asked to closely review their financial responsibilities when signing the enrollment contract. Although we understand that changes happen, budget decisions are made based on these numbers. Parents have until May 1 of each school year to make the final decision. As of May 1, parents will not be released from contracts and/or financial responsibility.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is determined annually by the Business Office. Information regarding enrollment and updated tuition rates are sent out in December. Parents must create an account on FACTS to set up their tuition payments. They must also complete and sign the annual enrollment agreement to complete the enrollment process. A student is NOT completely enrolled for the next school year until the FACTS account has been created and online enrollment is complete. All school fees and tuition are managed through FACTS.


Subsidized tuition (Participating Catholic and Non-Participating/Non-Catholic) is determined by your home parish. You must meet your parish’s requirements for “Participating Catholic” to qualify for our Catholic rate, and your pastor must sign your subsidy form.


All tuition, book bills, general fees, technology fees, library obligations, and afterschool/daycare bills must be paid in full before the end of the year. This includes any damages, repairs, or lost items for which the student is responsible. Students will not be allowed to re-enroll if any money is due to the Business Office from the prior year.


Any student who misplaces school property or intentionally defaces school property will be expected to pay the full cost of damage or repair.


All fees during the school year will be paid using FACTS. This includes sports fees, field trips, and other incidentals.

Enrollment Periods

Beginning in January of each year, St. Edward Catholic School will begin enrollment periods—a Priority Enrollment Period and an Open Enrollment Period. The following are the specific conditions for each period.


Priority Enrollment Period (January)
This group includes:

  • Students presently enrolled in St. Edward School

  • Siblings of students presently enrolled in St. Edward School

  • Children of faculty members of St. Edward School


Open Enrollment Period (February – March)

This group includes:

  • Current students not yet enrolled

  • Parishioners of St. Edward Church

  • Parishioners of other Catholic churches

  • Non-Catholics

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