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St. Edward is pleased to introduce the new band director, Ms. Shelby Shelton.  Ms. Shelton will be taking over as band director for the 5th – 8th grade bands replacing Dustin Schletzer, who has taken a new position at Holy Family Catholic Church.   Jeff Schletzer will be taking over the other positions vacated by Dustin Schletzer within the parochial schools.  Please read the release from Fr. Ryan below:

Father Ryan is pleased to announce that accomplished band musician Shelby Shelton, who has worked with the Father Ryan Drumline for the past three years, has been named an Interim Band Instructor at Father Ryan, effective September 18.


She succeeds Dustin Schletzer ’00, longtime band instructor of the Band at Father Ryan, who is leaving at the end of this week to take a new position as Facilities Director at Holy Family Catholic Church in Brentwood. 

Ms. Shelton is an Adjunct Faculty member at MTSU and Nashville State Community College, where she has taught music courses and also provided private instruction with small studio percussionist groups.  She has been a Percussion Technician, an Ensemble Director and a Front Ensemble Technician at schools in Texas, Missouri, Indiana and Tennessee.  Since 2015 she has been involved with the Father Ryan Drumline in front ensemble technical work.


“Shelby brings a strong musical background and practical band skills to our program,” said Principal Paul Davis ’81.  “Our band students have worked with her for several years, and that familiarity will continue to strengthen our Band Program.  While it is difficult to see Dustin depart, and he has meant so much to the Band Program at Father Ryan, we know that Shelby will offer our students the same high-quality performance standards that Dustin and all the Co-Directors have established for the Father Ryan Band.”


“This has been a difficult decision,” Schletzer said.  “I love this school.  It has been a part of me since I was an infant, accompanying my dad to classes and spending time with the band on their trips.  And it is truly special to be able to work with these outstanding students.  But the opportunity to explore new interests while staying involved in the Catholic community was compelling.”


He went on to say, “I am excited about this role at Holy Family, and I leave for that position knowing that the band program is in outstanding shape and that Shelby will continue to enhance the band’s excellence for these students and our community.”


Ms. Shelton is a 2014 graduate of Lindenwood College in St. Charles, Missouri, earning Bachelors of Arts  in English and in Music.  She has completed her Bachelor in Education and her Master of Music at MTSU.

Shelby Shelton
New Band Director










Dear Parents,

On behalf of our entire staff, we are honored that you have chosen St. Edward School for your children’s education.  At St. Edward, our students enjoy all the benefits of a Catholic education, an education which allows them to know and love Jesus Christ and learn the Catholic faith while building virtues essential to living out their faith.  St. Edward School’s mission is to encourage children to strive to do what is right and be their best in the image of Christ.  To be successful in its mission, St. Edward School needs your support.


In 2016-2017, St. Edward replaced the separate Catholic and non-Catholic rates with a new program. The Family Commitment Program used only one rate for Catholics and non-Catholics and kept in place the parish subsidy to the school.  This was created to foster support in the church as well as in its many ministries, including our school.  The program goal was to use donations instead of requiring school families who are parishioners to pay the $600 Church donation.  Unfortunately, the financial losses were too significant, and there was a dramatic decrease in donations to the church. This has ultimately affected the financial operations of our school.  One of our other major concerns is that this decrease in parish income reflects weekly Sunday mass attendance, which should be the most important occasion of the week for every Catholic family. Therefore, after much prayer and reflection, we have determined that changes to help the school ministry must be made to insure success for our school and the children we educate.   


Currently, in the United States, it costs approximately $8,500.00 to educate one child. This past year the cost per child at St. Edward School was just under $7800; vastly more than the $6500 tuition. The decreased revenue at St. Edward has created a significant deficit.  For the 2018-2019 school year, St. Edward School, to remain successful, will return to the rate system. The school will use separate rates for participating Catholics, non-participating Catholics, and non-Catholics.  The new tuition rates will be as follows:


  • The rate for participating Catholics will be the base tuition rate.

  • The rate for non-participating Catholic will be the base rate plus an additional $600.

  • The rate for non-Catholics will be the base rate plus $1,600.


To receive the benefit of a participating Catholic rate, one must attend mass faithfully and support the parish to the best of one’s abilities by using the envelope system. Enclosed with this letter is a full explanation of the envelope system. Participation in the envelope system at St. Edward Parish beginning August 1, 2017, will be used to determine participating Catholic versus non-participating Catholic rates for the 2018-2019 school year, in addition to your total church donation for the 2017 calendar year. 


Financing the 2017-2018 school year must still be accounted for.  If you are currently a parishioner, we ask that you consider your contribution to the parish and return the commitment card also attached to this letter.  The attached subsidy card is for both St. Edward parishioners and for parishioners of other Catholic churches.  So, whether you are a parishioner here at St. Edward or elsewhere, please fill out the subsidy card and indicate your family’s parish affiliation.  This will allow the school to collect the subsidy from your parishes and to have updated information about parish membership.  We apologize for the quick turnaround but respectfully ask that both forms be turned in by July 24, 2017, to the church office or to


Thank you for all you do to make our school such a wonderful place where children learn to know Jesus Christ, practice their Catholic faith, establish a strong foundation for academic excellence, and are instilled in the spirit of service through their Catholic Faith.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Dr. Wharton with any questions you may have. 


May God bless you, 

Rev. Daniel Reehil


Download - Subsidy Card & Commitment Card


Click on Video to learn more.


Copyright © 2017 St. Edward Church and School, All rights reserved. 

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