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1. Attend an Open House or call the school office to schedule a tour. After the tour parents can schedule a Shadow Day for their child. Shadow Days allow students an opportunity to explore the school, visit with other students and to experience a typical day at St. Edward.


2. Complete the application for admission.  A $50 application fee will be charged per family, not per child.


Click Here to Complete the application online


  • All information on the application must be completed.

  • All paperwork must be submitted(birth certificate, baptismal certificate, immunization forms)

  • For grades 1-8, the teacher recommendation form must be completed by the former teacher and returned in a sealed envelope to the school office.

  • Copies of the most recent report cards, standardized testing, or IEPs must be submitted with the application.

3. Once the completed application and all required information are submitted to the office the student will be scheduled for an assessment/screening. Applicants in grades 2-8 are required to take a reading and math assessment. PreK4, Kindergarten and First grade applicants will be screened by the teacher.


Once these steps have been completed and the school determines that the applicant is a candidate for admission, an acceptance letter will be mailed. On receipt of the acceptance letter, the 4th step needs to be completed within 14 days.


4. Complete the annual enrollment agreement and sign-up for FACTS. FACTS is the school’s tuition management company. Students are NOT officially enrolled until the FACTS information is completed, the registration fee has been collect through FACTS and the enrollment paperwork has been submitted to the school office.


The admissions office is here to help you. Please contact us at (615) 833-5770.

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