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Rising to the Challenge!

Developing religious fundamentals, leadership, academics, arts and service!

The COVID-19 Crisis was not something anyone of us would have predicted to have interrupted our learning routines to the extent that it did.  Beginning on March 23, teachers hit the ground running to adjust to a new method of teaching. Some of the strengths: 

  • Staff/administration made sure that families had the electronic devices needed to continue remote learning. 

  • Where needed, devices were loaned out and parent instruction was offered. 

  • Parents were surveyed for their opinions and expectations were adjusted accordingly. 

  • Communication with parents continued through cycle and modifications were made when necessary to compensate for individual family challenges. 

  • Each Monday morning, families were emailed with a lesson plan for the week. 

  • Each day, teachers either sent specific updates, or met with class through ZOOM sessions to clarify expectations. 

  • On average, teachers met through ZOOM sessions 2-3 times per week. 

  • Consistent instruction continued with 4 days/week direct instruction.  The 5th day was available for catch-up work, individual support or teacher consultation. 

  • Special area instruction was included in art, music and physical education. 

  • Authentic grades were given for the quarter, with grades assigned for attendance and work accomplished.

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