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St. Edward Diaper Drive


The St. Edward Student Council is sponsoring a diaper drive! You can help make a difference in the Nashville community by improving the lives of mothers, children, and families in need one diaper at a time.  Please send in disposable diapers anytime between September 27th and October 4th. Teaching the children social responsibility and the importance of helping others is what the St. Edward community is all about!


Important Facts about Diaper Needs:


* Nashville has over 7,550 children age three and younger living at or below the poverty level.

* Disposable diapers often cost over $85 per month per child and cannot be purchased through any state or federal assistance program.

* Food Stamps and the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program does not cover the cost of diapers and classifies diapers with cigarettes, alcohol and pet food.

* Without any form of support, mothers often must make the choice of buying food, paying rent, or buying diapers.

* Beyond those in poverty, one in three low to moderate wage earners reporting they struggle to buy diapers.

* Most childcare centers, even free and subsidized facilities, require parents to provide a day's supply of disposable diapers to allow the child to participate.

* Many parents cannot go to work or school if they can’t leave their babies at child care.

* Children that participate in early childhood education programs are 3 times as likely to complete high school and go onto higher education. Children that don't participate in early childhood education programs are 3 times as likely NOT to read at grade level at the end of the 3rd grade. These children are far more likely to drop out of high school.


For more information please visit:
“No Child Wet Behind”

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