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A letter from our Principal

Dear Families and Friends of St. Edward School:

Thanks for your help and support for another great school year.  The partnership between school, families, and the community is so important, and it is because of that great partnership that St. Edward continues to be an amazing community!

This year, we are starting a new tradition at St. Edward School, The Saints’ Ultimate Challenge.  This event will occur on Friday, October 2, 2020, during school hours, and EVERY student will get to participate.  The event is an obstacle course challenge, and our students have been in “training” for weeks (see our YouTube video)!  In addition to all the fun, the Ultimate Saints’ Challenge serves as our ONE AND ONLY HSA FUNDRAISER, and we need your support.  We CHALLENGE you to help us reach our goal of $12,500!

As students register to participate on the Get Movin’ Fund Hub webpage, they will be eligible to earn incentives.  These incentives are both for individuals and for classrooms…all part of the excitement! 

In addition, we are inviting the parishioners of St. Edward Church to participate in the Challenge.  The school is challenging the church to match our fundraising goal!  All money raised above and beyond the $12,500 will go into the St. Edward Church and School Community Fund to support the operating costs of our St. Edward Church and School facility.


During this time of precautions and safety protocols, we have determined that our teachers and students would greatly benefit from having an Audio Enhancement sound system in every classroom.  With these systems, the teacher wears a microphone that amplifies and enhances that clarity of the teacher’s voice.  The sound is produced through a soundbar speaker, and students receive audio that is crystal clear.  Research shows that these systems help to protect teacher voice quality and allow every student, regardless of seating arrangement, to hear the teacher’s voice at an equal, healthy level.  The key is clarity, not volume.  #NowMoreThanEver our teachers need this support because of their masks and shields.

At St. Edward School, our students deserve the best resources, and you can help us provide them with the best!  Help our Saints’ reach their goal in the Ultimate Challenge!



Susan Blankenship

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