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About St. Edward School

  • St. Edward School (SES) is a part of a well-known and respected Roman Catholic Community in the Diocese of Nashville.

  • Our parish school holds a strong sense of community and tradition, with over 70 years of experience in providing Catholic education in the Nashville area.  This parish school, with close ties to the church and community, has developed a strong tradition, not just in the Diocese, but in the city of Nashville and surrounding areas as well.​​

  • SES has a dedicated teaching staff who ensure that students receive a balance of academic rigor, social-emotional learning, individualized attention, and faith formation. 

  • All students at SES are welcomed into the family lovingly referred to as the “Saints”. From the front office to the classrooms, to the custodial and lunchroom staff and coaches on the field, all adults wrap their arms around our students to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance for all!

  • A major strength of St. Edward School is its diverse population, representing Nashville's richness. Students of all racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds gather daily to learn, play, and pray together. 

  • Approximately one-third of our families qualify for and receive tuition assistance.  St. Edward strives to make a Catholic education affordable to all who desire it.

Cultivating the Next Generation of Saints & Scholars

"I have called you by name, and you are mine." Isaiah 43:1

At St. Edward School,


  • We partner with families to provide an excellent academic environment for your child grounded in our Catholic faith.

  • We are a true Roman Catholic Community with a church and school that work together and support one another.

  • Your child will be known by name and loved by all who work here.

  • We offer an outstanding liberal arts program that provides a well-rounded education for your child.  Your child will participate in various musical performances, church services, Socratic seminars, projects, clubs, sports, and more.

  • Catholic Social Teaching is embedded throughout your child’s day and school year.

  • You have planted a beautiful seed within your child, and we take pride and care in partnering with you to further cultivate that seed into a Saint and Scholar

Cultivating Saints

The Catholic faith is the heart of everything we do at St. Edward School. The most important truth in our lives is that God created each one of us and called us to himself through his son, Jesus Christ.

  • With this truth firmly before our eyes, our students participate in the sacramental life of the Church, grow in their personal life of prayer, and learn the importance of service to others.

  • Our students participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass every week, have seasonal penance services, pray together as a school every day, and go to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament periodically with their classes.

  • Second Grade prepares for First Reconciliation and First Communion, while Eighth Grade prepares for Confirmation.

  • Religion is an essential part of our curriculum, and Pre-K through second graders participate in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

  • As Catholic Christians holding fast to the Gospel message of openness and love, we welcome students and families of all faith backgrounds. God created all, and he calls all to himself. 

  • Our students plan, lead, and participate in a variety of service projects each year.  These projects address both local and global needs and provide hands-on experiences for our students.  In the past, we have served our parish/school families, St. Vincent de Paul, Ladies of Charity, Room in the Inn, The Rochelle Center, The Raining Season in Sierra Leone, Africa, and more.

  • With faculty and staff that set the example as faithful disciples of Christ, we provide an outstanding academic education for our students and tap into the riches of our faith to form the whole person into a saint.

Cultivating Scholars

Your child will receive an exceptional education daily in Religion, Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our teachers provide engaging, cross-curricular lessons and learning activities for each of these core subjects.​

  • Education is about more than academics, and at St. Edward, we believe in educating the whole child.  Your child’s social-emotional needs will be addressed through Morning Meetings, our Owelus anti-bullying program, a school-wide positive behavior system, and classroom counseling lessons.

  • St. Edward School offers a recently renovated Science lab, a full technology lab, a beautiful outdoor space for physical activity and recess, an outdoor classroom, and one-to-one devices for daily use in the classrooms and at home.

  • Primary-grade teachers are trained in Orton-Gillingham phonics instruction. Your child will receive balanced literacy instruction, including phonemic awareness, phonics, read-alouds, guided reading, shared reading, and centers.

  • Your child’s literacy knowledge will be further developed through the connections of Reading, Listening, Discussing, and Writing. These skills are best nurtured through a Socratic seminar, which allows students time to formulate their thoughts before writing about complex texts.

  • Teachers are trained in making STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) connections and activities related to all core subject areas.

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