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St. Edward School is proud to offer 1:1 student devices in grades K-8.  Our students in grades K-3 utilize Samsung Galaxy tablets to access educational programs. Our students in grades 4-8 are each assigned a Chromebook.  This device is available for use at school and at home.  We also offer a computer lab of desktops for technology classes.

In addition, every classroom has an Audio Enhancement microphone/speaker system.  These systems enhance the clarity of the teacher voice to ensure that all students hear correctly and clearly.  This is crucial in the youngest grades while teaching phonemic awareness and phonics.
Responsibility of St. Edward School


Provide technology and Internet access for students

Make every effort to enlighten and protect your child by teaching him/her proper use of technology and the Internet. This shall include but not be limited to:

  • The potential danger involved in sharing his/her name, address, phone number, etc. or anyone else’s over the Internet (if this is done at all it will be under the supervision of a teacher and with full approval by parents)

  • Rights of all students to equal access to Internet and technology

  • Understanding of the existence of and reason for copyright laws

  • Documentation of research sources found on the Internet

  • Identification of appropriate Internet sites

All use of technology and of the Internet at St. Edward School will be under the guidance and supervision of St. Edward School faculty. Other use of technology and the Internet at SES not sanctioned by faculty will be prohibited.

Responsibility of Parents
  • Support the school’s policy regarding use of technology and the Internet and convey this support to your children
  • Let your child know exactly what you consider to be inappropriate regarding use of technology and the Internet
  • Help your child develop an appreciation for the investment in money, effort and time that has gone into the St. Edward School technology program and an awareness of the value of this investment to their education
  • Continue to instill in your child the importance of the values you have taught him/her

Responsibility of Students
  • Follow St. Edward School’s instruction as to appropriate use of technology and the Internet
  • Immediately tell a teacher if an inappropriate site is accessed accidentally. Internet use will be monitored, so failure to report will be assumed to indicate intentional access

  • Respect the rights of other students and faculty to equal use of the Internet and technology

  • Use the Internet ONLY for educational activities including research and exchange of educational information

  • Understand that a person’s password is his/her personal property and should not be used – or even known by anyone else

  • Use your name, address, phone number or any other information about yourself ONLY with permission and guidance from your parents and/or your teacher. And NEVER use any information about another person

  • The Internet is St. Edward School’s connection with the world. Be sure you are a good representative of St. Edward School to the world


The following activities are strictly forbidden:

  • Deliberate damage to any of the St. Edward School technology equipment
  • Deliberate damage to or malicious modification of any St. Edward School software or the network-this includes computer viruses

  • Deliberate access to any inappropriate Internet site or sites or those not directly related to educational activities and/or assignments

  • Accessing or attempting to access any other user’s personal files or the school’s administration and/or grading programs

  • Use of another person’s password or impersonating another person on the Internet

  • Copying any St. Edward School software without permission (this is a Federal offense)

  • Downloading or otherwise placing any software onto any computer or the network without the permission of the Technology Director

  • Any bragging about “exploits” on the Internet or in the use of SES technology will be assumed to be truthful and the student will be carefully watched accordingly. Unfortunately, this type behavior “marks” a child and makes him/her suspect should an unacceptable incident occur

  • Involving the name, logo and pictures of St. Edward Church and School in an inappropriate manner in social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and video sharing sites such as You Tube


Failure to abide by these restrictions will result in the student’s loss of all computer privileges for the remainder of the academic year and possible expulsion from school.

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