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To reach someone during morning or aftercare hours, please call 615-708-0013.

The Aftercare Program is available each school day. Due to a lack of participation in previous years, Aftercare will not be available when school is closed. When there is a scheduled early dismissal, Aftercare will be available until 6:00 p.m. When school is closed due to inclement weather, Aftercare will also be closed.


Details about this program:

  • Choice of full-time or part-time

  • Daily afternoon snacks with juice or bottled water

  • Opportunities for homework and study time

  • Games, activities, outside play (weather allowing)



Aftercare fees will be billed monthly. Your account through the FACTS deduction plan will be billed around the 15th of each month for the previous month. 


FAMILY REGISTRATION FEE                                $40.00 per Family


Full-time is suggested for parents who work five days a week every week. Full-time parents are responsible for payment whether their child attends or not such as illness or traveling. The total fees will be billed monthly. The cost of Full-time care is discounted and prorated across the entire school year. You will be billed the same average amount each month, even if the month includes a school break.

Full-time Morning Care Only (Kindergarten – 8th Grade) 

       1 child                                     $55.00 per month

       2 children                               $74.00 per month

       3 children                               $92.00 per month


Full-time Aftercare                        Afternoons Only                        Afternoon and Morning Care

                                                        (Pre-K – 8th Grade)                   (Kindergarten – 8th Grade)

       1 child                                      $ 269.00 per month                 $323.00 per month

       2 children                                $378.00 per month                  $441.00 per month

       3 children                                $525.00 per month                  $588.00 per month


Drop-in is suggested for parents who work less than five days a week. Part-time parents pay a per day rate each day, even if the child attends all 5 days in a week.

Drop-in Extended Care

Morning Care (Kindergarten – 8th):             $ 5.00 per day per child


Afternoon Care (Pre-K – 8th):                     Regular Dismissal $16.00 per day per child

                                                                        Early Dismissal is $24.00 per day per child.

To download the application, click HERE.

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