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St. Edward School Annual Fund

Formerly called the Community Fund

 The annual fund is an appeal to the entire St. Edward community including our current parents, board of directors, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, and staff to help us bridge the gap between tuition and the full cost of the Saint Edward experience. 


With the launch of the annual fund, we hope to raise $100,000 for our operating budget. While we know this is a substantial goal, the money raised will go directly to enriching the lives of our current and future students. Tuition only covers 80 percent of the operating costs of any independent school, so an annual fund is a necessity.


Our two important goals for the annual fund are:

  • 100 percent participation

Our goal is 100 percent participation from our parents, staff, faculty, parishioners, and board of directors. Whether you give just one dollar or $10,000, participation is a reflection that we are all invested in the future of our school. 


  • Raise $100,000 by June 30, 2024

By participating, you are helping us achieve our first goal. We ask that you give a gift that is appropriate for your family, as every single gift is meaningful. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the timeline for the annual fund?

Our annual fund runs from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024. Donors will be recognized in our annual report that is published each fall for the previous fiscal year. 


How are annual fund dollars spent?

Tuition only covers 80 percent of all operating costs. It takes 15 students to fund every staff position. In addition, one-third of our students are already receiving some form of tuition assistance. After meeting our operating costs, our goals are to hire a librarian, add new science textbooks, and keep up with the changing demands of technology


Why not just increase tuition to fully cover operating costs?

Our goal is to keep a Catholic education obtainable to as many families as possible. With a strong annual fund, we will be able to keep tuition costs more affordable. 


Didn’t we just donate?

Between the church and school, we have had three recent fundraisers. 


  • The Legacy Campaign: The Legacy campaign was a Diocesan campaign that will fund Catholic education, parish share priorities, priestly vocations, parish growth and expansion, and helping our neighbors in need. The money given to St. Edward will be used to improve the overall security and safety of the campus. Over the next three years, we will be adding security cameras, additional lighting, and gate access. 

  • Saints Ultimate Challenge: The Saints Ultimate Challenge is a fundraiser hosted by the Home School Association in the fall. The money raised from the Saints Ultimate Challenge is used for specific school need. Last year, the school purchased four new Clear Touch boards for the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th grades with plans to add additional boards in the near future.  The money raised is never put toward operating costs. 

  • Father Breen Scholarship Fund: The Fr. Breen Scholarship is awarded to current St. Edward students who strive to follow the Fr. Breen motto, “Be your best. Do what is right, in the image of Christ,” and whose family shows a need for tuition assistance. Again, this does not assist with operating costs. 



How can my gift make a significant difference?

Regardless of gift amount, each donation is vital to the success of St. Edward. Whether you give just one dollar or $10,000, participation is a reflection that we are all invested in the future of our school. 


Many corporations offer matching gift programs for employees to non-profits like St. Edward School. Often these gifts allow you to double your contribution. To see if your company matches donations, click here:


May I make a monthly recurring gift, or does it have to be all at once? 

Monthly recurring gifts are a great way to support us. Many parents and alumni choose to make a modest gift once a month to have a big impact throughout the year. 

Please remember the children of St. Edward School in your planned giving and estate planning. If you are interested in receiving information on planned giving/estate planning, please contact Teresa Osborne at 615.833.5520 or via email at

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